artlimits is a place where you can find beautiful limited edition artworks,
at affordable prices, from all around the world.

artlimits homepage

When a mutual friend introduced Askin Suzuner and I, he was looking for a designer for his new project. He loved art and wanted to bring artists together. We worked closely and created artlimits.

Askin worked on the business side of the project while I handled the tech stuff. We wanted a platform where customers can buy artworks and learn more about the artists.

artlimits artworks page

When you want artists to come and be a part of your project,
you have to have a solid platform that is not just beautiful but also very trust-giving.
I think we achieved this with a very clean looking, easy to digest design that focuses on artworks.
In 2012 artlimits was the home of more than 30 artists and 150+ artworks.

artlimits artwork page

I wanted customers of artlimits to be able to visualize artworks in their minds easily.
Besides all the design work I did for artlimits, I teamed up with a photographer and a model to do a photo shoot.

artlimits photo shoot

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